15 Aug, 2017

Download Request for shortlisted Films

Dear filmmakers,

We would like to inform all shortlisted filmmakers to submit your film to us in Dropbox or Google Drive or WeTransfer. Films that are linked to YouTube or Vimeo can’t be downloaded and will be rejected from the festival screening event.

Submission Deadline: 20 AUG 2017 17:00 (GMT+8.00)

All films that are not submitted to us in time will not be screened.

We recommend everyone to check their email immediately to rectify the issue. For those who have not yet filled up the google form, please do so now in the link sent to your email.

Below are films that we confirm the recipient:
| Burning Soul
| The Package
| Sweet Bloom of Night Time Flowers
| Through the supermarket in five easy pieces
| Light Sight
| Letters From Home
| Genesis
| The Wheels On The Bus
| Liz Drives
| No Wave
| Magnus
| Red dust
| The Sound of Silence
| Snakes-Living in Harmony
| Council
| Claire & Bruno : a story of love and fresh meat
| Split by the State
| Woman with an Editing Bench
| Kyle
| Flor Wanka
| The Golden Pony
| Between Sand and Tides

If your title is not listed above, please kindly submit your film to us by the forms above. Do note that we will only accept films that are being uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox and WeTransfer Only.

Note: For those who submitted to us via the Google Form in Google Drive or Dropbox or Wetransfer can ignore this notification.

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