Guy Perrine

Festival Director – Australia

Film Director of Auspol Media Australia. Guy is determined to challenge the stereotypical, non-diverse nature of the Filmic and Media stream in general, that we see from the USA and Western Europe. His feet are firmly planted in the Region and Australia’s neighbours in Singapore are my Partners in a bold attempt to create a Multicultural, Multinational Film Festival that showcases the work of Filmmakers and Media Content Producers in the ASEAN – PACIFIC region of the World.


Lincoln Lin

Festival Director – Singapore

Lincoln is the Director/Producer of Famegate Studios Pte Ltd (SG) and Famegate International Limited (UK). He has won multiple film awards across the world. He has also worked with big brands like Sony, NDP 2016, Ocean Butterflies, Fly Entertainment, J Team Productions, Google Inc, Facebook, and much more. He has also directed, produced, and edited for over 6 different channels.


Sarah Ripper

Program Director for the New Women in Film Program

Sarah have worked in the arts and entertainment industry as a performer, writer and project manager. She have also worked as a creative within various female-focused community development, creative arts and wellbeing contexts, both within Australia and abroad. Sarah is passionate about empowering and uplifting filmic stories being told and she is proud to support and be a part of the gendermatters initiative and the accessphilosophy of this Festival.


Shawn Tan

Producer of J Team Productions

Shawn Tan is a Singaporean filmmaker who has done countless productions ranging from films, music videos, documentaries, to TV shows and more. His works and achievements include short films like “Let’s Not Waste Time” – shortlisted for “FiRST Film Fest” Singapore, “Ne” featuring acclaimed personalities Larry Albright and Michael Flechtner in Los Angeles – featured at “Fan Boy Film Festival” USA, and “Filial Haven” featuring veteran actors Nick Shen and Chen Mei Guang – official selection in “Big Bear Lake International Film Festival” USA, official selection in “Silent River Film Festival” USA, nominated for “River Pursuit Award” USA, as well as receiving the “River Recognition Award” USA.


Leanne Campbell

Director of POP International Film Festival

Leanne Campbell is the Director of the POP International Film festival, a film maker and actress. Her experience in the industry, working on various tv and film projects, is wide and varied adding to her depth in the industry and her passion for promoting quality. Impress her with your skill.


Eric Wong

Creative Director/Producer of United Records Productions

Eric Wong is the Creative Director/Producer of United Records Productions (URP), which he co-founded with his wife Careen Tham. With knowledge from both the classical and contemporary realms of music, coupled with an acute ear for musical finesse, he currently oversees all music and recording productions at URP. In 2002, he formed a rock band called Dream factory which has performed in locations such as Hard Rock Café, Mediacorp, and the Esplanade. The band released their self-written and self-produced an album in 2009. He also directed and produced several Music Videos and films.

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